John Woods 1991 Eagle Talon 8 Point Roll Cage Fabrication

John Woods realized in short order that his 91 Eagle Talon was too fast! In order to be in accordance with NHRA rules John commissioned us to custom bend and fabricate an 8 Point Roll Cage to not only meet the rules but to add more rigidity to the uni-body structure of the Talon.

The first thing to do was to decide on the material to be used. According to NHRA rules you can choose 4130 Chrome Moly tubing in 1 5/8”X .083 wall or Mild Steel in 1 5/8” diameter with a .120 minimum wall thickness.

Once the material was chosen, the next step was to lay out the design of the cage and take the required dimensions; so that the tubing could be bent correctly. We chose the 1 5/8” Mild Steel material. When laying out the design of the cage we take into consideration where the tubing will line up compared to important items like door handles, window cranks or switches, etc. The drivers seating position is also a crucial item to take into consideration. It is also important to decide if you wish to retain the stock dash.

Once the cage was bent, the next step is the most time consuming. Notching of the tubing is critical for a good fit; so that the welds will be narrow and tight. That way the car will pass “tech inspection” at the racetrack more easily.

Once the cage is fit and tack welded we test to insure the drivers seating position and access to the controls is proper before final welding is completed. We also installed some additional bracing to further stiffen the chassis.

Although each step in the process is not outlined in photographic sequence, by checking out the small group of photos in the photo gallery it will give you a good idea of the steps and work involved.

Click here to visit the project photo album.


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