Jim Shipley’s 1969 Camaro

The iconic early Camaro makes for an amazing drag racing classic. The clean lines along with the availability of hot rod and restoration parts make for a simple but amazing car. Jim Shipley chose Ron Pircey Enterprises for his fine craftsmanship.

Jim’s goal was a car that turned heads yet provided neck snapping performance. The parts inventory included pieces from Art Morrison Enterprises, Chris Alston’s Chassisworks, Kirkey Racing Seats and Strange Engineering just to name a few…

The build began with the removal of all the factory floorpan, and installation of the Art Morrison frame rails, Chassisworks 4-Link and coilovers. A custom bent 10 Point Cage was also installed to provide better chassis rigidity and an extra measure of safety.

Ron built a custom 9” Ford housing fully braced with all the required suspension mounts, filled with components from Strange Engineering.

Custom fabricated tinwork and Chassisworks Wheeltubs make for a clean and functional interior.

The plan was to use huge Hoosier Racing slicks in the rear, to provide the ultimate in traction. So, the rear wheel openings had to be widened to accommodate the huge tires.

These photos show the fuel cell and battery mounts installed in the trunk.

Moving forward inside the car, Kirkey Racing Seats complete the interior.

Fabrication of the steering linkage, mounting of the big inch Big Block Chevy engine are shown here.

Custom headers and complete fabricated exhaust, provide a quick exit, allowing the big motor to breath.

No doubt Jim Shipley’s Camaro once completed, is on its way to becoming a terror on the dragstrips in the Northwest…

Pro Touring Mustang Wild Horses

In todays fast paced world of motorsports, one of the hottest trends is “Pro Touring”… The concept basically pairs a vintage muscle car with late model drivetrain and suspension technology.

A great example of this trend is the 65 Mustang built by Ron Pircey Enterprises. This car’s owner wanted his car to have excellent handling characteristics, with this in mind a Chris Alston Chassisworks IFS Front Suspension and an Art Morrison Triangulated 4-bar Rear Clip combination was selected.

The project began with a relatively rust free 1965 Mustang Fastback, the fastback coupe is a rare but popular “Pro Touring” platform.

The floorpan modifications require careful trimming of the factory sheetmetal, for installation of wider “Mini Tubs” so that much larger tires can be used. The use of an automotive “rotisserie” made all the modifications much easier.


Here are some photos of the floorpan before modification:

And some photos with portions of the floorpan, and wheelwells after cutting and removal:

Installation of the Morrison Triangulated 4-Bar Rear Clip was next. Notice the nice tight fit of the rear suspension subframe.

Installation of the wider “Mini Tubs” is next… The first photo shows the “tub” prior to installation.


One of the keys to great handling is well engineered and adjustable front suspension. Here a few photos of the Chassisworks Front Suspension installed.

The completed Mustang looks awesome with the new suspension, tire and wheel combination and of course the new lowered “stance”…

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